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Traditional & Treatment Foster Care


The FFPSA  (Family First Prevention Services Act) was signed into law on February 9, 2018.  It has created a new category for foster parents - 

treatment foster care. 

Are you a clinician, educator, experienced residential counselor,  or involved in ministry or law enforcement and  interested in providing intensive services to one or two youth?

Required Documents


Getting started:



BIU Form

SAFE Home Study


Medical Examinations


Proof of Pet Vaccinations

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Parent Resources



The Great Behavioral Breakdown

From Fear to Love

The Connected Child


Trust Based Relational Intervention

Nurturing Parenting

Youth Transition Services


Kairos Family Services is a partner with the Department of Youth Services to provide therapeutic and transition services to youth exiting the juvenile justice system!

Individual, Family & Group Therapy

Individual & Group SOMB Treatment

Parenting Programs

Informed Supervision Training



What are the requirements to become a foster parent in the state of Colorado?

*Are you over the age of 21?

*Do you have a clean criminal background?

*Do you have an extra bedroom in your home?

*Do you have a safe vehicle for transportation?

About Us

Who We Are


KAIROS Family Services intends  to provide Mental Health Services in Colorado Springs as well as treatment and traditional foster care services to children and youth. Placement is for the purpose of providing a temporary, safe and nurturing environment throughout the period of time in which the child/youth is in care.

KAIROS Family Services also intends to expand its services to children and youth, ages six (6) to eighteen (18) who may need more intensive treatment services – providing a specialized TREATMENT FOSTER CARE program.


The purpose of the TxFC program is specifically for those youth who continue to need treatment, but in a less restrictive environment than residential services provides. Services provided to children/youth in the treatment foster care program will include in-home clinical and treatment services. The agency will make every effort to provide services to children and youth that promotes consistent practice, maintain placement stability and achieve permanency. 

Children & youth served in either program may be in the custody of the legal parent(s), a legal guardian, a ward of the juvenile court, or a dependent of the Department of Human Services. 

KAIROS will strive to make placement matches that are in the best interest of the client and to maintain the placement through permanency outcomes.

The agency will strive to recruit, train and monitor high quality, certified foster homes, and will seek highly qualified, skilled and experienced foster parent(s) for the treatment foster care program.


Traditional foster care homes will be trained and prepared to accept sibling groups, teens, infants, children with special needs, and children with developmental delays.

In our TxFC program, treatment foster parent(s) will be trained and matched to accept children/youth who have identified intensive treatment needs. The agency intends to serve children and families primarily in El Paso County, Colorado and its surrounding counties; however, anticipates being able to provide services throughout the state of Colorado. 

The agency will provide foster families with case management and support services. 

Caregiver inexperience and burnout are two factors that increase the chance of disruption for a foster child, however unintended that may be. The agency will diligently work to ensure that caregivers have the resources they need to care for children effectively and successfully.  

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